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Online Classes and Professors

Areas of Study

Please click the title above for information on our Summer 2024 classes. Registration can be found on the "For Students" page.

Areas of Study

Meet Some of Our Volunteer Professors

Our professors hail from 22 different universities and 25 different academic fields on four continents. They are all devoted to the education and empowerment of Afghan university women. Please click the title above for more details on our accomplished and dedicated teaching team.

Meet Some of Our Volunteer Professors

Past AFSO Seminars

Descriptive Portraits with Professor Sonya Huber

Exploring Afghan Music with Professor Sara Feili

Musicology with Professor Arshia Rahmati

Middle Eastern Cinema with Professor Persheng Vaziri

Architecture, Cities and the Environment with Professors Rahman Azari and Rana Habibi

Culture, Religion, and Women's Rights with Professor Shazia Sadaf

Introduction to Colonization with Professor Biazar Bahar

History of the Middle East and Afghanistan with Professor Nelida Fuccaro

Global Public Health with Professor Judy Lewis

Statistics and Data Science with Professors Naomi Altman and Sarah Rajtmajer

Calculus with Professors Elisa Francini and Elena Berretta

Physics 1 with Professor Gary Felder

How do Cell Live and Communicate? with Professors Anna Mondina, Anna Rubartelli, and Valeria Poli

Women Write with Professor Adriana Paramo
Introduction to Physics with Professor Francesco Arneodo

Research Methods for Architects and Urban Designers with Professor Alexandra Staub

Colloquium with Professor Lucy Ferriss

1000 Splendid Suns & and the Contemporary Afghan Woman's Story: A Seminar in Reading and Writing Fiction with Professor Lucy Ferriss

Introduction to Human Rights with Professor Shazia Sadaf. 

Thinking like an Anthropologist with Professor Janet Bauer

Chemistry with Professor Janet Morrison

Public Health as Health Promotion with Professor Marianne Bengtsson Agostino.

English and Critical Thinking with Professor J. Donald Moon

English Writing and Conversation with Professor Erin Frymire

Introduction to Engineering Science & Design, led by Prof. John Mertens
Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics, led by Prof. Saleh Keshawarz

Introduction to Western Ethics, led by Prof. Shane Ewegen

Chemistry, led by Prof. Michelle Kovarik and Prof. Janet Morrison
Language Arts, led by Prof. Erin Frymire

Mathematics, led by Prof. Deborah Zanella

Political Science, led by Prof. J. Donald Moon

English Fundamentals, led by Prof. Lucy Ferriss

English for STEM learners, led by Prof. Lucy Ferriss