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How to Support AFSO

Donate to AFSO

The heart of our program is our volunteer teaching faculty, both professors and teaching assistants. Because of their generosity, our costs are limited to our small staff; data cards that enable our students to connect to the internet for our classes; our English language learning site; and online registration management. As a result, it costs us only $37/month to educate an Afghan student. Our Summer 2024 campaign, Building the Bridge, exemplifies AFSO's mission: to create and help our students pass over the bridge linking their current situation to their educational goals and career aspirations. We have a generous matching grant to double the power of your gift.



AFSO Giving Circles

  • VISIONARIES are the bedrock of our program, assuring that it can continue so long as women in Afghanistan are denied education. A contribution of $37,000 or more will educate 100 women, one-fifth of the women we serve, for one year.
  • BRIDGE BUILDERS are creating the pathway for our students to complete their education with AFSO and universities outside Afghanistan. $3,700 will educate 10 women for one year.
  • COMMUNICATORS make it possible for our students to attend classes and communicate with their professors. $2,000 will pay for data packages for 10 women for one year.
  • CONNECTIONS CIRCLE members know that one-on-one communication is essential to student success. Their contribution of $370 educates a woman for a year, and they can be in touch with the student receiving their gift.

Gifts of all sizes are welcome. $200 will cover data packges for a year of a student's educaiton with AFSO. $123 will cover a student's education for a trimester.