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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is AFSO? How Do We Help?

1.     Is AFSO a university?

AFSO is not a university. We are a collective of university professors dedicated to the education of university women in Afghanistan. We work with the Open Society University Network to create and enroll advanced student in credit-bearing courses.

2.     Does AFSO give a degree or certificate?

We do not award degrees. We give certificates for completion of our courses and are developing certificates for multi-course study in certain fields.

3.     Will AFSO help me prepare for the TOEFL exam?

Many of our seminars include an English language learning component. Advanced student may take our English Language Test Preparation course, which includes preparation for the TOEFL and Duolingo exams.

4.     I need to finish my engineering degree. How will AFSO help me do that?

We have seminars in many areas of study, including engineering. However, we do not have a degree-granting program, and students in our classes are likely to have varying levels of education and experience. We can help you maintain and enrich your knowledge of engineering as you make plans to complete your education.

5.     I am very strong in my field of study, but my English is weak. Is this a problem?

Some AFSO seminars can accommodate and help students with weak English skills. We are not an English language learning institute, but many of our classes are designed to strengthen students' academic English while engaging them in subjects of interest. Students who are beginners in English should consult with us on other opportunities for beginning English.

6.     Do you accept high school students? What about university graduates?

We accept women who have finished high school and were ready to attend university when they were barred from education. We also work with students who are hoping to continue toward a master's degree or doctorate.

7.     Can you help me leave Afghanistan and come to the United States?

We cannot make any arrangements for emigrating from Afghanistan or immigrating to the U.S. We do offer transition counseling. We have close relationships with a number of institutions that accept qualified Afghan students, offer scholarships, and sometimes assist with visas or travel arrangements. Students who do well in AFSO seminars are occasionally referred to these institutions, and our Colloquium offers exceptionally qualified students the resources  to learn more about opportunities available outside Afghanistan.

8.     What makes AFSO different from other remote learning programs available to Afghan women?

First, our seminars are synchronous, meaning that you meet with the professor and the rest of the class in a real-time setting where you can ask questions and have discussions. Second, our seminars are small and flexible. Finally, all our seminars are led by esteemed university professors, who are volunteering their time so this opportunity can remain free of charge for all qualified Afghan students.

9.    I do not have access to wi-fi. How can I take your classes?

We provide all students in good standing with data cards to enable them to access the internet and take our classes.

10.    Are AFSO classes and activities open to students of all genders?

AFSO classes and activities focus on helping return Afghan women to intellectual and professional life by way of real-time, synchronous distance learning in the liberal arts and sciences.

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