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AFSO spotlighted in the first newsletter of the Alliance for the Education of Afghan Women!

AEWA Newsletter, February 2024

Reaching out to university women within Afghanistan

Logo by Somaya J., AFSO student

Afghan Female Student Outreach recruits students from all provinces of Afghanistan for non-credit university seminars, taught remotely in real time, in subjects ranging from engineering to poetry. From a Summer 2023 student evaluation:

"I am really happy that I was a student in this program. I know a lot of things that are very useful for me. I didn't believe foreign people would help me because until now no one helped me. I cannot describe my feeling in two lines. Also, you were volunteers. Thank you all for serving us and everything that you are doing for us."

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No one is doing what we are doing: teaching English and university content classes to women in Afghanistan ranging from high school graduates to grad-school candidates. No one else is offering the pathway we have now established, for students to raise their English, writing, and critical thinking skills to the point where they are prepared to face the challenge of obtaining admission to a respected university and program in their field outside Afghanistan. No one else, finally, is offering the close, emotionally supportive attention that our volunteer professors and teaching assistants are offering to the students in our live, remote seminars. Read more.

$100 gives a woman access to live, online classes for a year. Donate now and give a woman hope.